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Travel Insurance

Insurance is advised for all guests. Insurance can be obtained for as little as £20 a week – click here for our tailored travel insurance.

Why is insurance so important? Medical costs for British travelers abroad can be extremely high and without insurance can lead to huge costs and debt. Travel insurance also covers you if either you or we had to cancel your holiday for any reason, compensating you money that had been paid. For peace of mind and financial security it is highly advised that you obtain insurance.

European Health Insurance Card

We highly recommend that guests traveling apply for a European Health Insurance Card or EHIC card. They are supplied free of charge by the NHS and cover the following.

The EHIC covers:

  • Medical treatment you may need during your visit if you’re ill or have an accident.
  • Treatment for long-term (chronic) conditions and existing illnesses, such as kidney (renal) dialysis routine maternity care as long as you aren’t going abroad specifically to give birth.
  • The EHIC does not cover private medical treatment it gives you a reduced cost from state healthcare providers therefore we recommend you also take out travel insurance.

You can apply for your EHIC card at the NHS.